Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney

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Criminal Defense Attorney

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"At a very stressful time in our life and much research we choose Gig Wyatt DUI Defense Attorney to represent and defend our son. His knowledge of the laws comes with years of experience. Grateful for Gig Wyatt and his team for their passion, dedication, and professionalism. Highly recommend his firm, as far as lawyers go, this was a great experience. Thank you Gig Wyatt and Team!"

Criminal Defense with Aggressive Representation

Categories in this website include the full range of legal representation available. If you or someone you know has just been arrested or charged for a criminal offense, then it is important that there is aggressive legal representation to defend their rights. Our goal is to have your charges dismissed or reduced as quickly as possible. We can protect your freedom and your record and will work for the very best results in your case. You have to right to remain silent and ask for an attorney.You do not have an obligation to talk to the police and, in fact, most people convict themselves when they do talk to the police. - "Touch to call" - 24/7 Phone Support 503-378-7744

About Gig Wyatt

Gig Wyatt enjoys a thriving criminal defense practice at Harris, Wyatt & Amala, LLC. Over the course of his career (since 1985), Mr. Wyatt has tried hundreds of cases in Marion County and throughout Oregon. As a knowledgeable and respected DUII attorney, he has been invited to speak at annual Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (OCDLA) seminars. After graduating from University of Nevada at Las Vegas in 1980, Mr. Wyatt earned a Juris Doctor from Willamette University College of Law. He is a member of the Oregon State Bar, the Marion County Bar Association, the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, and the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Your Rights are Important

An arrest is a seizure under both the United States Constitution, and the Oregon Constitution, and an officer must have probable cause that you have committed a crime. The legal concept of probable cause has both a subjective and an objective component. An officer must subjectively believe that you have committed a crime, and his belief must be objectively reasonable under the circumstances.

Criminal Defense Basics

The basic things that you need to know about criminal defense if you are charged:. When arrested, you are read your rights - "Miranda rights"- which include the right to be silent, the right to remain silent, and that anything you say will be used against you in court; you must be clearly informed that you have the right to consult with an attorney and to have that attorney present during questioning.